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Energizer Bunny Cursor Ads Hit the Web

Cursor technology company Comet Systems said it teamed with i33 communications and Alta Vista to launch a banner advertising campaign from Energizer.

The campaign -- developed by interactive agency i33 communications and CheckMark Communications, the in-house agency for Energizer's parent Ralston Purina Co. -- features an animated Energizer Bunny cursor on all AltaVista pages carrying the Energizer banner.

The Energizer Bunny cursor is similar to the Comet Cursor advertising used for a Father's Day promotion at Yahoo!, on a Virtual Vineyards campaign at Lycos, and on a BellSouth campaign where the cursor appeared as Bell South's "walking fingers."

i33 will use AdMaximize, its proprietary ROI ad-tracking service, to measure the effectiveness of the Cursor Ads for this campaign.

"The Energizer Bunny is one of the most recognizable and beloved brand images of the 20th century," said Harriet Blickenstaff, Energizer spokesperson. "We believe that featuring the Energizer Bunny as the cursor on pages where our ad appears will increase the click-through of our banners, generate greater brand recall for Energizer, and will offer a fun and interactive experience for online viewers." Spending details were not disclosed.