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O. Media Signs Advertisers for Re-Launch of ShesGotItTogether.com

O. Media Inc., which develops and operates Web sites based on lifestyles, signed a variety of advertisers for its soon to be reformatted flagship site, ShesGotItTogether.com.

The company said advertisers will include Dell Computer, CBS Sportsline, Veritec, NextCard, Etoys, OfficeMax, BodyBar.com, Powells.com, Cardstar.com, Fragrancenet.com, GiftPaks.com, GreenMarketplace.com, JewelryWeb.com, LadyClassic.com, LeVillage.com, NewYorkFirst.com, OmahaSteaks.com, Shades.com, WholeFoods.com, WickSend.com, WizCityInc.com, BrainPlay.com, DigitalChef.com, SmarterKids.com, Espritdecorp.com and GiftExpress.com.

"With each new (advertising) alliance, ShesGotItTogether.com becomes more accessible and more valuable to our Internet viewers," said Jayne Newell-Lanza, chairman of O. Media. "The addition of the new advertising alliances will also increase revenues for the company."

The company also said it has attained certain unspecified television and radio alliances for ShesGotItTogether.com, and stated that its primary objective in the near term will be to secure financial, accounting and other necessities for a Nasdaq listing. The company also operates ProfitMagazine.net.