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Adwise Launches New Platform for Ad Targeting

Adwise Ltd., an Internet technology company with operations in Israel and the United States, delivered its activity-based Adwise Advanced Targeting Machine, a new network device that the company said, "can implement unprecedented targeting."

"Absolute, one-to-one targeting of Internet content with strict privacy controls and total anonymity is finally available" said Adwise co-founder and CEO Meir Yedidia, who runs the company's operations in Tel Aviv.

"Targeted, activity-based advertising content will be less intrusive for Web users and will provide higher value for content providers and advertisers," said Stephen E. Powell, managing director of Adwise, who runs the company's business operations from New York City.

The Adwise ATM System solution does not rely on any server or client software or setup, the company said. Adwise ATM can target and direct any content type, including images, animation and sound, to people as they browse Web pages in their normal fashion.

The Adwise ATM is a network device and is typically installable at the Internet service provider level. The system monitors all browsing traffic on the Internet and understands the screen layout and click sequence of anonymous Web users, the company said.

The ATM is able to add new content to the data stream on the user's computer. The content can be set to appear anytime and anywhere during the browsing session, and can take any shape or form, but is usually displayed in a pop-up window that appears during the load time of Web pages. This content remains as the screen finishes loading or for a predefined period of time. The device adapts its transmitted content size to the appropriate bandwidth.

"Adwise has tremendous potential to deliver information to the Web surfer in real time." said Robert E. Crull, CEO of Ethos Communications in Oklahoma City, operator of the ISP where Adwise recently completed its first installation and test of the ATM system.

Additional planned services include Adwise E-commerce Bot, which will track purchases contemplated in user sessions, which will then prompt pop-ups for competitive offers or coupons. Pricing was not disclosed.

Targeting and content selection are performed using state of the art statistical modeling via existing user profile data or through the collection of actual usage patterns. Using memory-less state machines and Hidden Markov Model techniques, Adwise ATM can use inter-session user information without keeping a record of users or IP addresses, the company said.