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Datek Online Tries Print Campaign

Datek Online Tries Print Campaign Iselin, NJ-based Datek Online, a cyber brokerage firm, adopted a new logo and launched its first print advertising campaign.

The firm also announced its exclusive sponsorship of the Dilbert Financial Indices, a set of financial indices from the mind of Scott Adams, the creator of the Dilbert comic strip.

The new print advertisements (spending was not disclosed) feature a "3-D" version of the firm's "Trade Now" button that can be found on hundreds of sites across the Internet.

Datek's new corporate identity, a green button resembling the letter D, capitalizes on the firm's presence throughout the Internet as a "click away" from hundreds of Internet destinations.

"Since its inception, Datek has been one of the top five Internet advertisers and we have been very pleased with the effectiveness of our Web-based ads," said Robert Bethge, vice president, marketing.

"We felt that it was time to experiment with the 'untested' medium of print. Through our national magazine and newspaper ads, we can attract new audiences and also make a connection with people who are accustomed to seeing us online."

United Media, making Datek the only online brokerage firm offering quotes for the new Dilbert Financial Indices. The Indices are named for the key characters in the Dilbert strip and are based on the stock values of actual public companies.

The list of the companies is based on the attitudes portrayed by each index's namesake in the strip. The Pointy-Haired Boss Index (TPHBX) includes companies that are "allegedly blocking access to the Dilbert Zone." The Dogbert Index (DOGBX) includes stocks of companies "most likely to be the last ten on earth."

Datek will create a scrolling stock ticker that will regularly update investors with the performance of the various portfolios.

Datek Online's new print campaign, as well as their new logo and visual identity, were conceived and implemented by Campbell Fisher Ditko Design of Phoenix. Online advertising material was created by Two Guys Named Hank, a Seattle creative firm. The campaign will debut in publications including Business Week, Fortune, Forbes, Barron's, Fast Company, and USA Today in February.