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Now, Even Your Bill has a Targeted Ad

Netscape's BillerXpert, its new bill presentment and payment application, is using Real Media's Open AdStream ad management technology to deliver targeted marketing messages via online bills.

The Open AdStream ad management system is being offered as an integrated component to Netscape BillerXpert customers, helping businesses present their customers with bills over the Internet.

In addition to enhancing online bills as marketing opportunities, Open AdStream tracks usage patterns, response and detailed profile information. This is the second time Netscape and Real Media have cooperated to provide Open AdStream as part of a Netscape product offering. OAS is also the preferred ad management system for Netscape PublishingXpert software. Financial arrangements were not disclosed.

"An Internet bill needs to contain compelling content to draw a qualified audience to a biller's Web site. Many businesses are learning to leverage that qualified audience into targeted cross-selling and up-selling opportunities," said Dave Morgan, president of New York City-based Real Media.

"Traditionally, companies have viewed billing as a nonstrategic cost center," said Ben Horowitz, vice president of customer relationship application at Netscape Communications. "Companies today are starting to see Internet billing as a strategic opportunity to strengthen customer relationships and develop new revenue streams."

Netscape BillerXpert 1.0 is a bill presentment and payment application designed to enable service providers to enhance the billing process, strengthen customer relationships and create new revenue streams. It enables companies to offer new self-service features such as, convenient one-click payment, in-depth statement analysis, customized views of billing information and personalized services based on user needs.