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Ken Margolis Associates Wins Headspace Account

Headspace Inc. in San Francisco, creator of the "Beatnik" technology for interactive music and sound on the Internet, has hired Ken Margolis Associates as its exclusive advertising sales representative for its Internet site.

Beatnik "provides for high-quality music and sound effects to be woven seamlessly into Web pages, allowing site developers to present a strong brand identity while capturing the attention, time and emotion of the viewer," according to the company.

Headspace itself offers a full suite of software and musical production tools specifically for the Web and is the Beatnik player is included in the Netscape Communicator 4.5 browser download.

The site draws visitors who want to create an event-driven audio technology on their Web site. Headspace's target/existing audience is Web developers and anyone interested in music on the Internet. Ads will run in increments of a month on the top of each site page.

Ken Margolis Associates is an advertising rep and marketing consulting firm specializing in selling Internet advertising.