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AdForce Signs New Customers

AdForce of Cupertino, Calif., provider of a centralized online ad management service, has added AtWeb, Broderbund/The Learning Company, ChannelSEEK, Cybersight, Lasso, Mass Transit Interactive, Pointcast, VR Services and US Web to its customer list.

"The centralized ad solution offered by AdForce appeals to online customers on both the buy and the sell side," said Chuck Berger, president and chief executive officer of AdForce. "Our technology takes the guesswork out of ad delivery so our customers can focus on their core business."

AdForce also said it achieved a record daily ad delivery of more than 100 million ads. Over the last month, AdForce said it has delivered more than 2 billion ad impressions.

Other customers include 2Can Media, GeoCities, Magnet Interactive, Modem Media.Poppe Tyson and Netscape. Privately held AdForce has raised more than $35 million in net funding.