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Comet Systems Releases Comet Cursor Version 1.1

Comet Systems upgraded its Comet Cursor technology to Version 1.1, adding a "Set Desktop Cursor" function that allows users to capture a cursor anywhere on the Web and save it as a personal desktop cursor.

Comet has also added a "Travelling License Key" that will enable advertisers to serve Comet Cursors with banner ads. The Comet Cursor is a patent-pending technology that allows any Web site to display a graphic or animation of its choice in place of the traditional "arrow" cursor on a Web browser.

The Comet Cursor Version 1.1 client software is now available for free download here. Since its launch earlier this fall, the Comet Cursor has been adopted by Sony Music, Comedy Central and Mattel.

With the Travelling License Key, advertisers can implement the Comet Cursor in banner campaigns across several different Web sites, without the individual Web sites having to license the Comet Cursor technology.

The Travelling License Key allows the "key" coding, a tool required for serving cursors, to travel with the cursor files themselves.

Said Jamie Rosen, president of Comet Systems: "With the Comet Cursor, we have provided many of the world's most innovative Web designers with a new tool to create engaging, interactive Internet destinations. With the Version 1.1 upgrade, we extend that ability for the both the developer, the advertiser and the user."