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SeeItFirst.com Launches New Streaming Video Technology

SeeItFirst.com delivered a new, enhanced streaming video technology that will be marketed to TV and radio stations, advertising agencies, Web portals and other e-commerce and new media companies.

The company said its patented technology allows the user to see streaming video better by enabling viewers to capture, save and print out crisp, clear photos from streaming video at any time.

"We believe there is a huge opportunity for SeeItFirst.com to provide business-to-business production services and license arrangements with a wide variety of commercial partners," said Narayanan Ram, founder and CEO. "Web companies will soon be able to offer their members and users a unique way to step through streaming video frame-by-frame, stop the action to study details, and create a photo gallery of high-resolution video snapshots -- all within today's bandwidths."

A demo is available at the SeeItFirst.com site.

SeeItFirst.com said it will pursue turn-key service licensing arrangements with advertising agencies and their digital departments to better leverage and extend the reuse of existing broadcast advertisements.

The user can navigate throughout the video -- forward and backward -- frame-by-frame. The high-resolution photos captured from the videos can be enlarged, printed, saved, and dragged and dropped to any application, e-mail or Web site.