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NetCreations Partners With MySoftware

Opt-in e-mail marketing company NetCreations Inc. entered a partnership with MySoftware Co., a provider of Internet direct marketing services, to make NetCreations' PostMasterDirect.com database available through the Internet.

The database contains more than three million e-mail addresses. The agreement enables MySoftware to launch its new e-mail prospecting Web site, My eProspects.com, which allows customers to search the PostMasterDirect.com database of 9,000 consumer and business-to-business lists.

Users can select lists and place orders on the Web in real time, the companies said. Financial arrangements were not disclosed.

"We share MySoftware's vision of using the Internet to give small business owners the tools to grow their companies instantly without ever leaving their desktop," said Rosalind Resnick, NetCreations president. "We look forward to working with MySoftware to give millions of business owners a fast, affordable, and Net-friendly way to reach prospects by e-mail."