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Parable Changes Name To Thingworld.com

To better reflect its business emphasis on Thing-based technologies, tools and services and its Web site, Parable in Newton, MA officially adopted the name ThingWorld.com.

The company said the new name will align its official name with its increasingly popular domain address.

Things are dynamic multimedia experiences that can be used for branding and use animated scenes and characters, puzzles, games, Digital Collectibles, Point-of-Purchase and Associates Program Buttons and digital kiosks.

"The name change reflects our ability to offer technologies, tools and services around Things and ThingWorld," said Eric Bedell, president and CEO of ThingWorld.com.

"Our main strategy is to make ThingMaker widely available through significant online distribution and integrated technology arrangements that include the communities, portals and other online distributors and resellers. As we have discovered over the past year, especially in recent agreements signed with Comedy Central, GeoCities, Lycos, and others, Things are increasingly serving as the focal point of entertainment and commerce," he said.

"Things are helping us and our customers/partners diversify online offerings and expand business models beyond what's currently possible on the Web."