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Bigfoot Interactive Launches New Marketing Platform

New York-based e-mail marketing provider Bigfoot Interactive took the wraps off the new version of its e-mail delivery platform, dubbed DREAM.

DREAM -- short for Direct Response E-mail Application Manager -- provides greater segmentation, content assembly and personalization features than earlier versions of the company's offerings, which are available in outsourced or in-house modes. Bigfoot also offers a mixed "collaborative ASP" product as well.

The DREAM system features a redesigned interface with step-by-step guides for handling lists, preparing and distributing campaigns, and analyzing results.

It also offers more advanced personalization and data-management options that provides marketers with greater control of the format in which data is rendered in the e-mail itself, regardless of how that data might reside in the database.

It also offers greater features in list management, offering deeper analysis to segment lists, and better back-end connections to CRM and analytical systems, and to Bigfoot Interactive's own industry-specific, automated modules.

Additionally, the service includes beefed-up graphical reporting.

"Never before has there been greater scrutiny on the cost of media and its relationship to customer acquisition and retention return on investment," said Bigfoot Interactive Chief Executive Al DiGuido. "The release of DREAM continues our mission to provide marketers with best of breed technologies and services that provide a competitive edge in leveraging the power of the email channel."

Bigfoot Interactive said that more than 80 percent of its client base has migrated to the DREAM platform.

BMWFilms.com Unveils Trailer

Automaker BMW released the first trailer of the upcoming second round of short films in its acclaimed "The Hire" series, which appears on BMWfilms.com.

The site includes the trailer of "Hostage," the first short film slated to be released by the company in 2002. It also includes behind-the-scenes footage and information on the two upcoming films, "Ticker" and "Beat the Devil."

BMW made headlines and won awards last year with BMWfilms.com and the first five films in "The Hire." Designed by its ad agency, Fallon, the BMWfilms.com effort tapped well-known directors to develop short films starring Clive Owens as "The Driver," and a BMW automobile. The automobile manufacturer gave the directors free reign and underwrote the costs of the production.

Eyeblaster Opens Award Voting

Rich media firm Eyeblaster is aiming to build buzz around its ad management platform while honoring breakthrough creative with its annual, eponymous award competition.

The New York-based company said an independent creative panel chose a list of 25 finalists eligible for the award, out of a group of more than 500 campaigns. Ads for brands including GM , Warner Bros. , American Express, Coca-Cola , Nike and Nextel are represented on the list.

The company is encouraging advertisers, agencies and publishers to vote at its Web site for the most visually engaging and creative campaign, and the two runners-up. In return for casting a vote, participants are eligible for an Apple iPod MP3 player.

The winner will be presented with the Best Eyeblaster Award for 2002 on November 19 at a special ceremony in New York City. The awards are co-sponsored by iMedia Communications.

It's the second year that Eyeblaster has held the competition.

"Last year's award demonstrated the industry's rapid adoption of these new ad formats," said Eyeblaster Executive Vice President Joe Apprendi. "This year, hundreds of Fortune 1000 brands are among those online advertisers included in the competition."