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Northstar Interactive Launches "SiteScore"

Northstar Interactive, an Internet research firm and business unit of Arbitron NewMedia, delivered SiteScore, an online survey methodology for measuring the effectiveness and appeal of Web sites.

SiteScore uses a pop-up window to intercept randomly selected Web site visitors and collect their opinion of a site's ease of use, visual appeal and overall content, as well as to obtain basic demographic information.

Organizations can use these results to refine their sites, broaden their appeal to target audiences and track online performance against their competitors. Northstar said that because the survey requires little time and is easy to complete, response rates are as much as 70 percent.

"While many organizations can track the number of hits and clicks on their Web sites, most have trouble profiling visitors and especially tracking that information over time," said Cheryl Harris, president and CEO of Northstar Interactive. "SiteScore gives them a way to gather more qualitative information--not just how many people visit a site, but who they are and how they perceived the experience."

At the start of the SiteScore process, Northstar Interactive works with organizations to study traffic and select intercept points that will yield a proper random sample. When visitors reach the chosen point, a pop-up screen offers them the opportunity to take the survey. Visitors who agree to participate are linked to Northstar Interactive's site to complete the survey, and are then whisked back to the intercept point. The entire process takes just two to three minutes.

Once SiteScore achieves a minimum random sample of 200 visitors, Northstar Interactive compiles the results automatically. Northstar Interactive's team of researchers then prepares a report summarizing the key findings.

SiteScore includes built-in methodology to ensure that visitors are intercepted only once, whether they choose to participate or not. Pricing for the service was not disclosed.