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Lycos Launches Network Services

Boston-based Lycos Inc. launched the Lycos Network Services Program, designed to help Web sites build member loyalty and strengthen their online presence. Lycos will sell the advertising related to its services on member sites.

Key services available from Lycos's various properties include:

  • E-mail (MailCity.com)
  • Homepages (Angelfire.com)
  • Web Guides (Lycos.com)
  • Search (Lycos.com)
  • People Finder Directory (WhoWhere.com)
  • Personal Guide (Lycos.com)

These services allow affiliate Web sites to focus on content and new member recruitment while Lycos builds, operates, maintains and supports the services and sells ads.

Benefits to the affiliate sites are additional user services, the resources of the Lycos Network advertising sales force, and increased pageviews and revenue opportunities, the company said.

Ads may be placed in targeted demographic areas and vertical market segments, such as women, students, investing and finance, computers and technology, sports, entertainment and travel.

"Building on the success of the WhoWhere division's program, the Lycos Network is the only portal to provide a one-stop shop for Web sites seeking to build or expand their online presence," said Darr Aley, vice president of business development for the Lycos Network Services group. "The program also expands the burgeoning Lycos Network, adding to Lycos' universe of targeted Web properties available to advertisers."

The Lycos Network Services program already includes 80 plus affiliates, such as ZDNet, Qualcomm's Eudora, theglobe.com, iVillage, DejaNews, MindSpring, gURL and women.com. Some of the newest affiliates are EarthLink, Student.com, Juno Online Services, nytoday.com, ChickClick, Ark Interface, Boston.com, PC World Magazine, Salon Magazine, Bolt, CareerBuilder, Acme Pet and Virtual Jerusalem.

The Lycos Network is composed of Lycos.com, Tripod, WhoWhere, Angelfire, MailCity, HotBot, HotWired, Wired News, Webmonkey and Suck.com.