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BBDO Offering i33's AdMaximize ROI Tracking

i33 communications in New York City said that ad agency BBDO Interactive has entered into a private-label agreement for its online advertising ROI tracking service.

The agreement between BBDO and i33 allows selected BBDO clients, including Visa U.S.A., the Navy, General Electric and M&M Mars, to use i33's AdMaximize service to track banner ads and interactive campaigns on the Internet. Financial arrangements were not disclosed.

Launched in March, AdMaximize is "a definitive closed-loop ROI tracking service that provides easy-to-use, customized reports on click-throughs, lead generation, customer acquisition and sales," i33 said.

i33 clients GeoCities, Hertz, CompuServe, Biztravel.com, Multex, Ralston Purina Company, and New York Life have used AdMaximize to measure the effectiveness of a variety of banner ad campaigns and online promotions.

Through private-label agreements, the customizable service is available to interactive agencies seeking to understand the relationship between clicks, click-throughs and actual consumer registration and purchasing behavior.

"We reviewed many ad serving solutions, but none delivered the ROI accountability and customizability provided by i33's AdMaximize," said Rick Markovitz, General Manager, BBDO Interactive. "We can tailor AdMaximize to meet our clients' needs and maintain better control over the creative and media execution. We think AdMaximize is an invaluable tool in the evolving field of online media."

BBDO said VISA will track consumer-purchasing behavior against multiple branding campaigns. The Navy will track recruitment lead generation.

AdMaximize arranges online consumer activity into three tiers: Tier 1 counts impressions and click-throughs, percent click-through and cost per click; Tier 2 tracks initial consumer action such as sign-ups and registrations; and Tier 3 tracks historical consumer action, like the lifetime interactive purchase data of a consumer. The data can be arranged to suit the needs of a given client and exported into standard spreadsheet software.