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Nettaxi Signs with Cybereps, Partners with InfoSpace

Community site Nettaxi Inc. named Cybereps Inc. as its exclusive advertising agency, and signed a deal for co-branding and content enhancement with InfoSpace.

While the agreement makes Cybereps the exclusive advertising sales representative for Nettaxi, the terms of the deal enable Nettaxi to continue its arrangements with other firms that specialize in bundling various Web properties based on category.

Cybereps will put a dedicated sales representative on the Nettaxi account (60 million impressions a month are claimed) to create customized advertising and marketing campaigns that are designed not only to increase advertising revenue, but also to create a branded image.

The arrangement with InfoSpace enables Nettaxi to provide its members additional content in the community areas of their choice, including sports scores, late-breaking news, weather, concerts, public record searches, phone and address searches, classified ads and daily horoscopes. Financial arrangements were not disclosed.

"The affiliation with InfoSpace broadens the content we offer, thus helping to keep citizens at Nettaxi's site," said Robert Rositano, Jr., Nettaxi's CEO. "By co-branding InfoSpace's content, Nettaxi will receive 50 percent of the ad inventory. As for Cybereps, they have the background and experience to help us increase our advertising revenues by taking advantage of premium opportunities where advertisers wish to target their ads to interest-specific audiences within our communities."

Through its Web site and its connected CD-ROM product, "Internet The City," Nettaxi provides free e-mail and personal homepages to community members as well as Web hosting services. Nettaxi uses the eCHARGE transaction system for its e-commerce offerings, allowing consumers to be charged for their online purchases on their monthly telephone bill in lieu of using credit cards.