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NetCreations Upgrades PostMasterDirect

E-mail list manager NetCreations announced Monday the availability of PostMasterDirect 7.0, the new release of its opt-in e-mail list rental service.

The New York-based company said PostMasterDirect 7.0 would give e-mail marketers 75 new features, including buffed-up e-mail acquisition capabilities, better targeting, and more precise list-owner crediting.

"This is an important advance in e-mail list management and brokerage technology as it enables the maximum value to be extracted from the database while freeing up sales and production personnel at the same time," said Michael Mayor, NetCreations' president and chief operating officer.

NetCreations, a unit of Italian Internet service provider Seat Pagine Gialle, has made its name in pushing double opt-in e-mail lists, arguing it provides quality lists and higher CPMs. Last year, however, the company dipped its toes in the single opt-in waters, taking on some single opt-in lists for clients.

PostMasterDirect has about 2,000 customers, with over 500 managed lists and a reach of 45 million Internet users.

Aptimus Brings CPC to E-Mail

Looking to take a page from Google and Overture's book, online direct marketer Aptimus said Monday it would offer e-mail campaigns using the cost-per-click pricing model, in addition to its other pricing options.

The San Francisco-based company said its AptiMail e-mail delivery system would begin using per-click pricing as a lure for marketers hooked on the CPC system pushed by the paid-search industry, which has thrived recently with the success of Google and Overture.

The CPC model joins Aptimus' three other pricing options: cost per lead, cost per order, and revenue share.

"The addition of a per-click pricing option for AptiMail campaigns is a major extension of our dynamic revenue optimization functionality, and one that is sought after by direct marketers who have become experienced with that approach," said Tim Choate, Aptimus' president and chief executive.

The company said the AptiMail system automatically sifts through offers, offering selection based on the highest revenue per impression, regardless of whether it came from the CPC or another pricing model.

Apitmus also got a piece of bad news last Wednesday, in the form of a Nasdaq delisting notice. Nasdaq staff determined the company has failed to maintain adequate shareholders equity, or minimum market value, or net-income requirements. The exchange did not specify which requirements Aptimus failed to meet, but the company said it would respond to the issues.