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Micron Electronics Taps Star Trek's Jeri Ryan for TV Ad

Micron Electronics Inc., the No. 3 direct seller of personal computers, hired "Star Trek Voyager's" Jeri Ryan (Seven of Nine) to appear in a $1 million commercial.

In the series, Ryan plays a woman struggling to become human again after being assimilated by the "Borg," an evil collective. Voyager is one of the most popular TV shows among PC buyers, according to research conducted by Micron.

The commercial is part of Micron Electronics' effort to overcome lackluster performance and become a bigger competitor to Dell Computer Corp. and other PC makers, according to Bloomberg News. Financial analysts laud Micron's new chief executive, Joel Kocher, for cutting costs. Now, they're waiting to see if the company can boost sales.

The commercial debuts on the Internet Dec. 28 and on television during the coverage of the Micron PC Bowl college football game a day later. Viewers will be able to download the 60-second commercial on the Micron Web site, along with background on the actors and special effects. Ryan won't be portraying her Star Trek character.