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Cybergold Reaches Million Member Milestone

Incentive marketer Cybergold Inc. in Berkeley, CA signed its millionth member, giving the company what it called "one of the largest membership bases in the online incentives space."

"Reaching this milestone proves the power and broad appeal of cash," said Nat Goldhaber, Cybergold CEO. "As the payback on banner advertising continues to plummet, our cash-based system is skyrocketing."

"When a million people tell our marketing partners that they are interested in being rewarded through Cybergold, our partners listen," Goldhaber said. "For our million members, the addition of more and more traditional advertisers translate into a broader array of offers and larger rewards. The synergy has kicked in spectacularly--it's great news for our members and our business clients."

To show its appreciation for its members, Cybergold ran a "One Million Member Sweepstakes," in which the millionth person to sign up won $500. Lani Goldberg of Baltimore, MD was the millionth member.

"Our next big membership milestone is 10 million members," said Cybergold's Goldhaber, "and our technology and business model is completely scalable and up to the task."