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Infoseek and ZDTV Sign Strategic Search, Marketing Deal

Infoseek Corp. signed an agreement with ZDTV to be the preferred search and navigation engine for ZDTV's integrated Web site, ZDTV.com.

The agreement includes broad cross-promotion, which gives Infoseek exposure on ZDTV in promotional spots and in segments to be aired on ZDTV's Digital Avenue program. In addition, the two companies will collaborate on quarterly promotions to drive traffic to Infoseek search on www.ZDTV.com.

ZDTV is the first 24-hour cable television network about computing, technology and the Internet; it reaches more than 9 million homes in the U.S.

Infoseek.com is part of the GO Network, a global media network in partnership with the Walt Disney Co. that incorporates branded content sites, such as ABCNEWS.com, ESPN.com and Disney.com.

"This agreement with ZDTV lines up perfectly with our strategy to diversify our traffic sources," said Harry Motro, president and CEO of Infoseek. "In addition, ZDTV audiences will benefit from the best in search technology and Internet information. The unique exposure we receive from ZDTV and ZDTV.com allows us to reach additional audiences."

"Providing our viewers with Infoseek's quality search and navigation on ZDTV.com, allows our users to be more successful in computing," said Larry Wangberg, president and CEO of ZDTV, an affiliate of Ziff-Davis.

On Nov. 18, Infoseek completed the acquisition of Starwave Corp., which was principally owned by Disney. In connection with that transaction, Disney became Infoseek's principal shareholder, holding 43 percent of Infoseek's outstanding common stock.