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NetCreations Launches PostMasterdirect.Com Affiliate Program

Opt-in e-mail marketing firm NetCreations Inc. launched a new affiliate program for its PostMasterDirect.com network.

The program is aimed at small and mid-sized Web sites, said NetCreations President Rosalind Resnick.

The PostMasterDirect.com List Affiliate Network will help NetCreations and its partner sites accelerate the growth of their three million-member e-mail database and provide marketers with additional targeted opt-in lists, the company said.

The PostMasterDirect.com e-mail marketing service provides lists of consumers and business owners who have voluntarily signed up to receive e-mail offers on topics of interest.

The PostMasterDirect.com List Affiliate Network allows participating sites to earn a royalty of 25 percent every time a list they build is sold. Affiliate sites are paid proportionately to the number of e-mail addresses that they contribute to the database.

Affiliates contribute addresses by placing HTML buttons on their sites and encouraging visitors to click through and sign up to receive commercial e-mail messages on topics of interest.

"Based on our historical track record, this means that our affiliates could easily earn as much as $1 a year for every email address they send us," said Michael Szerencsy, PostMasterDirect.com's list manager. NetCreations and its list management partners already have recruited more than 2,500 affiliate sites.