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A Medieval Marriage for Modern Times

Rockville, MD-based Simutronics Corp., a multiplayer online games operation, said it partnered with Renaissance Entertainment Corp. (REC), an organizer of real-world Renaissance fairs in the United States.

Simutronics said its role-playing games will be featured on REC's Web site and in all its advertising for the upcoming fair season. Financial terms of the arrangement were not disclosed.

Simutronics and REC will cross-promote each other's products and services via the Internet. Simutronics' role-playing games will be accessible through REC's Web pages, and Simutronics will gain access to REC's thoroughly profiled role-player audience.

David Whatley, president and CEO of Simutronics, said that "the pairing of Simutronics' games with the Renaissance fairs audience is a natural fit. Our games give the fairgoers an opportunity to experience medieval times and activities throughout the year over and above the time spent at the fair."

Under the agreement, REC will create a special Web page to showcase Simutronics' role-playing games, which include GemStone III, DragonRealms, and the upcoming Hercules and Xena: Alliance of Heroes.

The Renaissance fair industry attracts an estimated 4.5 million visitors yearly. Charles Leavell, chairman and CEO of REC, said the "electronic marriage" of Simutronics and REC creates an extraordinary opportunity for each company to tap into the role-playing business.

Simutronics games can be found at gemstone.net, dragonrealms.net, cyberstrike.net, and modusoperandi.net.