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ShopNow.com Banner Wins Highest Click Rate

The most clicked-upon ad banner for the week ending July 4 was one from ShopNow.com, which recorded a CTR of 24.1 percent, according to Web measurement service Nielsen//NetRatings.

For the second week in a row, credit counseling firm AmeriDebt's ad campaign featured four of its banners in the top 10 list.

Top advertisers, ranked by banner impressions, were:

AdvertiserImpressions in millionsReach %
1. Microsoft151.929.4
2. Thunderstone 59.53.6
3. Amazon47.821.4
4. CDNOW34.813.5
5. Discover Brokerage27.42.9
6. America Online26.613.5
7. Ameritrade25.53.5
8. LinkExchange24.85.0
9. JFAX24.67.4
10. E*TRADE24.32.7
Impressions reported include house ads. Rankings are based on audience measurement of people who have access to the Internet from home. Reach is a measure of the unduplicated audience that visits a property.

Top banners for the week ending July 4, ranked according to reach percent, according to BannerTrack, Nielsen//NetRatings' syndicated ad research service:

  1. Amazon -- Click on Shopping. Then click on Music and Video.
  2. AmeriDebt -- Bill Problems? Avoid Bankruptcy. Get Out of Debt Now!
  3. AmeriDebt -- Bill Problems? We Can Help! Click Here to Get Out of Debt!
  4. AmeriDebt -- Feeling Crushed by Debt? DEBT! We Can Help! Click Here.
  5. AmeriDebt -- Bills Out of Control? Past Due! We Can Help! Click Here!
  6. Lowestfare.com -- No bids... No auctions... Just Discount Airfares!
  7. Autoweb.com -- GET A PRICE
  8. Bonzi Software -- Speed Up Internet Connection
  9. Sam Goody -- We got dot. WIN a $10,000 Entertainment Center.
  10. Bonzi Software -- In 3 Minutes... Speed Up Your Internet Access!

Ad banners that run predominantly on an advertiser's own property or house ads are not included in the above. The Nielsen//NetRatings audience information service collects data from approximately 15,000 panelists as they surf the Web at home.