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XOOM.com Completes Acquisition of Pagecount Inc.

San Francisco-based XOOM.com Inc., an Internet-based direct marketing company, completed its acquisition of Pagecount Inc.

As a result, next week the company will launch XOOMCounter With PowerStats, which expands XOOM.com's free offerings to include a service that allows homepage builders to implement a guest book and track and count their Web site traffic.

XOOM.com also acquired Pagecount's advertising network, adding banner space on more than 200,000 Web sites to its advertising inventory.

XOOMCounter With PowerStats is the newest offering within XOOM.com's menu of free Web services, which also includes home page building, chat rooms, message boards, HTML e-mail, online greeting cards, and content such as full-length streaming movies.

"As a free service that combines Web traffic statistics, a counter and a guest book all in one, we think this will be extremely popular with home page builders across the entire Web," said Chris Kitze, chairman and co-founder of XOOM.com.

For those who implement the service within their Web site, Pagecount appears as a graphical box that displays their Web site's traffic in unique visits and gives them the ability to implement a guest book feature. A portion of the box is reserved space for a banner advertisement.

The Pagecount advertising network includes a range of sites, from student and other personal pages to corporate pages. Advertisers may select from 17 different network categories, including automotive, money and financing, sports and educational.