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FreeRide Expands Loyalty Program to Real World

Loyalty marketer FreeRide Media signed a deal with The Properties Group, a specialized marketing company, that expands its rewards program into the real world.

The new program allows FreeRide members to redeem rewards off-line for things such as gasoline and groceries. FreeRide said the initiative "effectively enables companies to boost customer retention online by bridging the gap between the online and off-line worlds."

FreeRide said members now can redeem their points at more than 14 major chains and 44,000 participating gas stations and supermarkets across the United States. Financial arrangements with The Properties Group were not disclosed.

"Today's consumers, especially those who are online, want rewards that are relevant to their everyday lives, and they want them faster," said Jordan Stanley, president and co-CEO of FreeRide.

"We are pleased to offer the GasCash and Supermarket Cash program with FreeRide's marketing and loyalty program," said John Galinos, president of The Properties Group. "FreeRide's program produces the most loyal customers because it provides the most relevant rewards both on- and off-line in a reduced time frame. Imagine earning a free tank of gasoline or a bag full of groceries in just one month."

GasCash and Supermarket Cash operate on a debit card format. Consumers in the loyalty program can "deposit" their FreeRide points into the debit card account. Once pre-loaded into the card account, users may cash in at participating gas stations and supermarkets nationwide.

FreeRide claims a sponsor base of more than 1,300 online and off-line products and services. The FreeRide program rewards members with points for interacting with sponsoring retailers, both on and off-line.

The Properties Group is a specialized marketing company that owns and develops a variety of entertainment and lifestyle properties such as Movie Cash and Music Cash that corporations can use to reward consumers, business partners trade or employees with free or discounted goods or services at retail partners across North America.