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Rotomedia Will Rep for Ask Jeeves

Online advertising s agency Rotomedia Inc. signed an online advertising representation agreement with Ask Jeeves, a Web-based provider of consumer question-answering services.

"Because Rotomedia has such a singular and exclusive business model, we'll be able to provide Ask Jeeves with the attention and dedication they require," said Peter Hershberg, Rotomedia co-founder and CEO. "We're excited to assist in unleashing the revenue generating potential of Ask Jeeves."

Ask Jeeves is a question-answering system allowing anyone to ask a question in plain, simple English without having to use keywords or Boolean search strings. Jeeves provides a concise list of answers with their exact location instead of an exhaustive list of matches.

Ask Jeeves said it is set to spend $7 million on advertising and PR to grow traffic to more than 100 million page views by the end of the year.

"Ask Jeeves inherently has a unique brand name. . ." said Joshua Stylman, co- founder and president of Rotomedia. "We can provide them with an "external" in-house sales team that is expert in the site and focused on satisfying the needs of the advertiser and Ask Jeeves alike."

Ad programs will consist of both traditional forms of interactive advertising and sponsorships of specific areas of the site.

Rotomedia is an interactive advertising agency in New York City. Clients include Wall Street Sports, Bullseye Art and FreeDrive.