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AdForce Expands Serving Capacity

AdForce Inc. a provider of centralized, outsourced ad management and delivery services, completed its Cupertino Data Center, which increases the company's ad delivery capacity to more than 450 million per day.

In addition, AdForce said it has increased its bandwidth to 450 megabits per second and storage capacity to 10 terabytes.

The company said the new center's design is based on its existing data center in Costa Mesa, creating a distributed architecture model that allows AdForce to serve ads efficiently and quickly to thousands of sites at once, "faster than most of these sites can serve the Web pages themselves."

The Cupertino Data Center is the first step in AdForce's plans to expand its capacity by strategically locating data centers nationwide and in Europe and Asia. AdForce also plans to geographically distribute image cache stations throughout the world, co-locating the content distributors and the image delivery centers.

"AdForce can grow its capacity without rearchitecture or massive software changes, which equates to seamless feature and performance upgrades for our customers," said Harish Rao, executive vice president for operations and technology.

The new Cupertino Data Center has 7x24 availability, with real-time monitoring of ad delivery application, network traffic, Internet connections and the data center room environment. The infrastructure, with multi-threaded software running on Enterprise class Sun Microsystems servers and Cisco networking equipment, connects to MCI, UUNet, CW, Internap and SAVVIS backbones via multiple T-3 lines.