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VirtualSellers.com in Marketing Pact with NetMall

SUNCOM Telecommunications Inc. in Vancouver, BC said that its VirtualSellers.com signed an exclusive marketing agreement with American Information Systems Inc. (AIS) to market its services to more than 160,000 Web sites listed in AIS' NetMall.

Under the terms of the agreement, VirtualSellers.com will be exclusively promoted to NetMall merchants by AIS for the purpose of enabling transactions and back-office operations including fraud prevention, invoicing and shipping preparation. Financial arrangements were not disclosed.

"This agreement brings unparalleled exposure and opportunity for VirtualSellers.com to market its services to a large audience," said Dennis Sinclair, chief executive officer of SUNCOM. "With over 160,000 Internet sites at NetMall, we believe this is the largest agreement of its kind thus far."

"If we enable just one percent of the qualifying NetMall Web sites (those that have products for sale) VirtualSellers.com would be the largest e-commerce transaction service provider for independent Web sites in the world," said Stephen Meade, VirtualSellers.com's president.

VirtualSellers.com provides businesses with a customized, secure, total e-commerce solution. SUNCOM itself said it has made a transition from the low margin long distance carrier business to a customer care provider, servicing and outsourcing large users of inbound toll-free telephone numbers, handling customer care and concentrating on outsourcing of customer service facilities.

The recent creation of SUNCOM Internet and integration of VirtualSellers.com allows SUNCOM to offer merchants both inbound toll-free telephone ordering and Internet-based transaction processing services, the firm stated.