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Business Cards Now Can Play In CD-ROM Drives

Is your business card an interactive advertisement for you? Denver-based Keys Marketing International is launching a new business card format that can play video, run programs and interact with users through a standard CD-ROM drive.

The i-MediaCard is a CD-ROM that is the shape of a traditional business card. Keys Marketing is targeting companies interested in establishing themselves as innovating and cutting-edge.

"The card has an amazing effect when people see it. First, everyone is eager to get to a computer and see how well it works," said Dano Keys, founder of the company. "When they realize that they can put full video product demonstrations, interactive sales presentations and searchable catalogs on this little card, they really get excited."

The palm-size card can hold up to 100MB of information. The company says that this is enough to hold as much as 20-minutes of video, 8-hours of audio, 18,000-pages of searchable text, or a variety of other data. Most users choose to mix various media elements. Keys said that "anything that you can save on a hard drive, you can put on the i-MediaCard. However, the real advantage is that you can create interactive multimedia presentations that fit in a pocket and blow the doors off of traditional marketing packets."

The card can direct users to online resources such as a Web site or database and can also run programs like a mortgage calculator, or print out a company's color brochure. Keys Marketing develops content for the cards. Price points are available here.