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USWeb/CKS Appoints Seven Regional Executives

Newly merged USWeb/CKS said seven company executives have been appointed Executive Partners for the firm, each responsible for managing a specific geographic region.

The newly appointed Executive Partners are as follows:

The Northwest region will be led by both Keith Schaefer, formerly managing partner of the USWeb San Francisco office, and Kimberly Johnson, formerly EVP Western Region for CKS Group.

The Southwest will be managed by Ron Hom, formerly managing partner in the USWeb Los Angeles office, and the Central region by John Boog-Scott, formerly managing partner for the USWeb Dallas office.

Nancye Green, co-founder of Donovan and Green, a wholly owned subsidiary of USWeb/CKS will lead the Northeast.

The Southeast will be led by Don Maurer, CEO and president of McKinney & Silver, also a wholly owned subsidiary of USWeb/CKS. Robert Clarkson, formerly EVP of Operations for CKS International, CKS Group Eastern Region and CKS Technology Group, will head international operations for the company.

The Executive Partners will report to Toby Corey, COO and president of USWeb/CKS.

The Executive Partners will be responsible for their region's financial performance, client satisfaction, business development, recruiting, and employee professional growth, the company said. Each of the six regions will offer the full set of strategy, marketing communications and Internet technology services and expertise of USWeb/CKS.

"Consolidating our resources into six regions is the next step toward assembling USWeb/CKS into one company and leveraging our expertise to deliver strategies and implement innovative ways to help our clients build their businesses," said Robert Shaw, CEO of USWeb/CKS. "We have started to build on the foundation already in place to create a powerhouse global Internet systems and marketing communications company."

The company said that Joe Firmage, co-founder of USWeb/CKS, will step down as chief strategist. He will be a consultant and strategic advisor to the company and will continue to retain his seat on the board of directors. Firmage has developed an intense interest in UFO theory.

"In a move of exceptional responsibility, Joe came to me and said his primary concern is what's best for USWeb/CKS," Shaw said. "Given the market exposure associated with his outside interests with the International Space Sciences Organization, Joe suggested that we would all be better served if he no longer had any official operating role with the company."