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Bright Light Offers Anti-Spam Solution to Consumers

E-mail services company Bright Light Technologies Inc. is making available to consumers a free method of eliminating spam from their inboxes.

Available only to corporations and ISPs until now, Bright Mail is free for consumers who want effective and accurate spam control without having to learn new software or maintain their own filtering rules, the firm said.

"We want to let as many people as possible experience spam-free e-mail," said Sunil Paul, CEO of Bright Light Technologies. "In what has become an Internet tradition, we hope that satisfied users of free Bright Mail will encourage their ISPs and employers to implement commercial versions of the service."

Bright Mail said that independent tests have shown that its eliminates 80 to 90 percent of spam without any errors in classifying legitimate e-mail as spam.

Bright Mail is a combination of people and technology that can detect junk e-mail, devise countermeasures and update rules before spam reaches the user's mailbox. The company said it helps improve an e-mail system's performance because it removes spam from the system before it reaches end-users, freeing e-mail delivery resources and allowing those resources to transport legitimate e-mail.

Bright Mail relies on anti-spam specialists at its operations center, which is staffed 24 hours a day with people, not just computers, to evaluate newly detected spam and issue updated rules to each customer's Spam Wall. The Spam Wall includes software that identifies and blocks spam, based on continually updated rules from the operations center.

Messages that are suspected of being spam -- called gray mail -- are moved to the user's Bright Mail account where they can be viewed for up to 30 days. Users can view their gray mail to ensure that it does not contain any mail that they would like to keep. Signup is available here.