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Real Media's Launches "Retail Direct"

Newspaper network Real Media launched Retail Direct, a program that allows smaller advertisers or those on limited budgets to buy online ads at a discount, yet have the ads appear on many of the sites in its 300-plus site U.S. network.

Advertisers participating in Retail Direct, get untargeted run of network placements that rotate throughout the Real Media network as well as throughout 65 sites from the newspaper brands in the United States. Pricing specifics were not disclosed.

"The inventory in Retail Direct is of high quality, if untargeted," said Dave Morgan, president of Real Media. "Advertisements are placed run of site, which includes sections that often demand CPMs of no less than $30. Real Media's Retail Direct opens the door for smaller-budget marketers to reach a highly educated and affluent audience of online newspaper readers at an affordable rate."

Some 30 well known brands have already participated in Retail Direct including, Amazon.com, Carparts.com, Citibank, J.Crew, Monster Board and Strong Investments, the company said.

Retail Direct is a tool for newspaper Web publishers to leverage unsold inventory and increase advertising revenue. Because campaigns are centrally served by Real Media Retail Direct is a turnkey solution to running national ad campaigns in the 468 x 60 positions typically filled with non-revenue generating house ads, the company said.