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GalaxiWorld Internet Casino Marketing Initiative

GalaxiWorld Ltd. in St. Kitts, a subsidiary of GLC Limited, said that the company will launch a major marketing push for its GalaxiWorld Internet casino beginning in February, the start of the company's fiscal year.

Preliminary marketing plans include an aggressive international advertising campaign, utilizing online, print, and television media outlets, including an infomercial. Along with banner advertising and search engine tie-ins, GalaxiWorld said it will also forge strategic alliances with major brand names and key niche sites on the Internet.

GalaxiWorld also plans to sponsor events and charity functions as part of its efforts to create brand awareness. Spending specifics were not disclosed.

"We have some very firm marketing goals," said Larry Weltman CFO and executive vice president of GLC Ltd., "and truly believe that this plan will help us achieve those goals. First and foremost, we are shooting for one-million registered members by the end of our first fiscal year. At that time we fully expect to be widely recognized as the premier casino on the Internet and to maintain a powerful international brand identity."

GalaxiWorld Ltd. said it is licensed to operate an international Internet casino in St. Kitts, and will offer a virtual reality gambling experience, digital entertainment and commerce. Ultimately patrons of GalaxiWorld will be able to "walk" through a lavish 3-D virtual casino, open and retain accounts at this casino and experience 52 different games, including blackjack, poker, roulette, craps, slots and Pai Gow. There will also be a sports book, keno, cumulative lotteries and progressive jackpots.