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Real Media, Publicitas/Globe Partner for Integrated Campaigns

New York City-based Real Media, which runs a large network of locally branded media Web sites, is partnering with Publicitas/Globe Media Inc., a print advertising sales organization.

Together the firms will offer advertisers throughout the world what the companies call "Print Plus" integrated online and print campaigns.

Through the Publicitas Promotion Network, 2,000 newspapers and magazines can be integrated with Real Media's 570 locally branded media Web sites (primarily affiliated with newspapers).

"The 'Print Plus' programs will not just be 'value added' programs where print space is added to Internet banners," said Real Media President Dave Morgan. "Rather, they will be integrated programs that leverage the best of print (branding and promotion) with the best of online (interactive content and transaction platforms)."

New York-based Publicitas/Globe Media is a subsidiary of Switzerland's PubliGroupe, SA, which calls itself the oldest and largest print advertising representative in the world. Established more than 100 years ago, PubliGroupe currently has 3,000 employees in more than 50 countries and annual revenues of approximately $2 billion. PubliGroupe is a minority investor in Real Media along with Advance Publications.

"Being part of the same company gives Real Media and Globe enormous throw- weight in leveraging relationship with each other's media clients," Morgan said. "Instantly, we are able to offer 'Print Plus' on a global basis through a combined sales effort that totals nearly 80 experienced people. This gives Real Media one of the largest online sales forces in the world."

"Print Plus will build event-specific programs where advertiser-sponsored sections of online newspapers can be tied to advertiser event mini-sites and traffic can be driven through print advertising in the local markets," said Richard Fontana, CEO/managing director, North America for Publicitas/Globe Media.

Publicitas/Globe will put dedicated Real Media sales people into each of its offices throughout North America. The Real Media team will train Globe's 64-person sales staff in Internet ad sales, and together, 78 sales reps will work on Print Plus programs.