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InfoSpace.com Develops New Classified Service on AOL

Internet infrastructure company InfoSpace.com said it will collaborate with America Online to develop and offer ClassifiedPlus, a new service for AOL's classifieds users.

ClassifiedPlus is now available on AOL, AOL.com, Digital City and Netscape Netcenter, and soon on CompuServe 2000. This agreement expands the relationship between the two companies, under which InfoSpace.com currently provides AOL's white pages solution.

Financial specifics were not disclosed, but under the terms of the agreement, America Online will pay InfoSpace.com quarterly cash fees as well as a percentage of all advertising and transaction revenue generated from the classifieds technology.

The new classifieds solution enables AOL's users to purchase and post a classified ad on any of the AOL properties. In addition, InfoSpace.com's technology enables users to browse and search comprehensive categories and sub-categories of listings by location, bringing buyers and sellers closer together.

"This is a perfect opportunity for AOL to leverage its enormous subscriber base while maintaining its image as the No. 1 resource center on the Web," said Naveen Jain, chairman and CEO of InfoSpace.com. "Our core technology empowers AOL to offer an innovative service that helps them reach classifieds advertisers and capture the classifieds market. This is just another example of how InfoSpace.com has been able to expand relationships with existing partners by continuing to create unique and compelling solutions to address very specific business needs for portals and destination sites."