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New Online Ad Auction Site Launching

A group of Web advertising and interactive industry veterans in San Francisco plans to launch Adauction.com, described as a "value- priced online ad auction channel for media buyers to purchase discounted ad inventory and reach targeted audiences."

San Francisco-based Adauction.com also will provide Internet publishers a complementary sales channel offering real-time, opportunistic buys at the end of each month. The first inaugural online ad auction is scheduled for February 19.

Adauction.com said it differs from other online media buying services oriented toward blind-buy, run-of-network, or direct sales systems. Offering an open, automated transaction platform and powerful ad serving and reporting, the company said it will schedule ad flights on a monthly cycle to optimize online campaign management.

Adauction.com also allows media buyers the choice to purchase single or bundled Web sites within content categories.

"We're rebooting the online ad auction market [Adbot filed for bankruptcy after its founder came up on SEC charges] which has overpromised and underdelivered on quality, discounted advertising that benefits both Web publishers and media buyers," said David Wamsley, founder, president and CEO of Adauction.com.

"Our approach is to steadily build rich content categories that offer a choice of opportunistic buys on leading, branded Web sites without compromising higher CPM rates that publishers earn with up-front buys. The difference concerns the perishable nature of online ad inventory and the value of providing a short buy/delivery cycle."

The company said it partnered with more than 30 Web publishers and 25 media buyers, and plans to offer over 30 million ad impressions in the first auction.

Content categories include: Finance and Investing, Travel, Computers and Technology, Music and Entertainment, Ethnic Interests, College, Search and Directory, as well as Chat and Community, Women's Interests, and Small Business.

Following the auction, buyers and sellers can access a suite of accurate, password-protected reporting and analysis services online. Within seven to 10 days, Adauction.com's customer service department will work with the winner to schedule and monitor ad flights, as well as insert the creative for ad impressions to be delivered the following month.

The Adauction.com media buying platform is based on technology developed by San Francisco-based Moai Technologies Inc., a provider of business-to-business, enterprise-level software applications for electronic commerce.

Wamsley was part of the founding management team at BigBook Inc., where he headed online advertising sales.

Media buyers can enroll for Adauction.com by registering on the company's Web site.