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Banner Ad Affiliate Network Launches

Philadelphia-based eMason.com launched the Banner Affiliate Model (BAM!), an extension of the affiliate network concept in which the payment, instead of cash, is in banners.

This "shift in thought" allows content based Web sites to use the power of an affiliate network, eMason said.

eMason said it has created a simple javascript program and is providing it for free, making the program accessible to all sites regardless of the technical abilities of the Web designer.

"With BAM!, as long as you can copy and paste, you can create your own network of affiliates. You don't need complicated CGI programs at all," said Janssen Choong, the originator of BAM!. "This gives the power of an affiliate network to even the smallest of Web sites." Other sites that link to a BAM! site uses a standard link format.

Cheat prevention is automatic as banners are paid out to the same person that clicked-through, the company said. eMason.com has also created a directory that will track all sites that implement BAM!. This will allow everyone to easily find BAM! sites to extend their revenue generation potential, the company said.