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KnowX.com Signs Ad Deal With InfoSpace.com

Atlanta-based public record site KnowX.com signed an advertising and promotion agreement with InfoSpace.com to provide the latter's users with the ability to locate people through the KnowX.com Ultimate People Finder search services.

InfoSpace.com's users will gain easy access to KnowX.com's non-traditional people-locating sources that have proven to be effective when no results are available through free directory searches. These sources include, among other things, real estate and death records. Financial arrangements were not disclosed.

"We chose to align ourselves with InfoSpace.com and advertise on their site because of the reach that is possible through their extensive distribution network of affiliates, including America Online, Netscape and The Microsoft Network," said Scott Griffith, general manager of Information America (IA), the provider of KnowX.com. "This is the first of many planned alliances. . ."

KnowX.com is a source of U.S. public records available for personal and business research. Launched in February 1997, its databases contain millions of records, all compiled from publicly available sources and updated regularly. KnowX.com charges no sign-on or connection fees, and users only pay for the information they need. IA is a division of Eagan, MN.-based legal publisher West Group.