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NetGravity Adds More Rich Media Options

San Mateo, CA-based NetGravity said it has integrated the company's AdServer software and AdCenter service solutions with the Microsoft Windows Media Technologies platform, providing online advertisers with more rich media options.

The integrated solutions will enable advertisers and publishers to insert banner and multimedia advertising directly into video clips online, which automatically adjust to accommodate the bandwidth of Web users, the company said.

CNN Interactive is one of the first publishers to take advantage of the new AdServer integration to serve rich media marketing messages directly within news clips online. The 10-second rich media marketing messages are served to visitors as CNN news clips download.

The integrated AdServer solution leverages Microsoft's ability to adjust online media to fit the bandwidth requirements of individual users, enabling publishers to serve marketing messages that best complement a visitor's network capacity.

"Our Internet customers are looking for a profitable business model for their streaming media activities," said Gary Schare, lead product manager for Windows Media Technologies at Microsoft Corp. "The combination of our Windows Media Technologies platform and NetGravity's online marketing solutions provides these sites with an easy and comprehensive solution for streaming media ad insertion."