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InsWeb Becomes Sponsor on MSN CarPoint

Online insurance marketer InsWeb in Redwood City, CA has signed a sponsorship deal with MSN CarPoint, a car shopping service for consumers.

InsWeb said it also has increased its advertising presence with other MSN Web properties, including MSN HomeAdvisor, MSN MoneyCentral, MSN.com, and MSNBC.com. Spending details were not disclosed.

For MSN CarPoint, InsWeb is a sponsor of the "Finance & Insurance" section, as well as its "New" and "Used" car search sections. Banner ads will also appear within MSN CarPoint pointing consumers to the online insurance shopping service.

"Providing our insurance shopping services to MSN CarPoint is a win-win situation for the consumer," said Marc Barach, InsWeb's senior vice president of consumer marketing. "Our campaign allows consumers to shop for insurance at the same time they are shopping for a car."

InsWeb first began advertising on MSN last November with a sponsorship on MSN's Personal Finance Channel, MoneyCentral.

The service provides comparative auto insurance quotes from 16 of the nation's leading carriers. InsWeb also offers homeowners, renters, term life, and individual health insurance products.