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Campaign for WhirlGirl to Launch in August

SHOWTIME will launch a new $1 million advertising campaign in August for the network's weekly online science fiction series WhirlGirl, which premiered on SHO.com in February.

The new campaign, designed in-house, will debut in print, outdoor and on Web and run through October.

The branding campaign is designed to communicate to the Generation Y audience that SHOWTIME is a leader in breakthrough programming and that it is taking its philosophy of "offering an emotional escape that has no limits and endless possibilities" to the Web.

The campaign is also designed to drive traffic to the WhirlGirl online property, and to the SHO.com Web site. Ads will appear in national publications including Spin, Wizard, Warp, Girl, Twist, Jump, Electronic Gaming Monthly and Details. In addition, the campaign will break with consumers in New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Denver and San Francisco via advertising on billboards, commuter rail, telephone kiosks and bus shelters.

The Internet campaign is aimed at garnering 8.5 million impressions, the company said.

The WhirlGirl series, a creation of Visionary Media LLC, features the adventures of Kia Cross, a 21st century, 20-something, freedom fighter, who reluctantly becomes the focal point of a revolution to liberate the virtual universe from a tyrannical media-tech empire called Zone Werks.