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StockDoc.net Joins Flycast Network

eBIZnet.com Inc. signed a non-exclusive agreement with Flycast Communications Corp. to let Flycast rep for its financial portal Web site, StockDoc.net.

Further talks are under way between the two companies to expand this representation to include other eBIZnet Web site holdings.

"We chose Flycast to represent StockDoc.net because they offer tremendous flexibility in banner advertising development," said eBIZnet CEO Garland E. Harris. The site will be included in Flycast's financial channel.

eBIZnet's subsidiary, Capital Publishing Corp., owns 15 financial Web sites including StockDoc.net, where visitors can ask financial questions of the StockDoc as well as obtain news, information and links to financial resources online.

Flycast's flagship offering, the Flycast Network, claims to reach more than 22 million people a month, or 37 percent of the Web audience.

eBIZnet.com Inc. is the parent and holding company of five Internet related companies: Electronic Business Network Inc., a specialty content publisher and Web site development company; JBX Design Inc., a commercial ISP and hosting company; Stormcrow Studios, a multimedia production company that develops content for Internet broadcasting; Global Online Exchange Inc., an online barter community in developmental stages; and Capital Publishing.