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Online Ad Spending On the Rise in Germany

The online advertising market in Germany will triple sales this year and can expect at least double-digit growth rates through 2010, says a study by Swiss market research firm Prognos AG.

Prognos found that Internet advertising revenues were expected to reach some 150 million marks ($82 million) this year, up from 50 million in 1998, according to a summary of the study by advertising space sales agency MediaGruppe Muenchen.

The firm forecast double-digit growth rates over the next decade, which it said would help drive annual growth rates of about five percent in the entire German ad market through 2003, according to Reuters.

Prognos said German advertising volume would reach 72 billion marks by 2010, of which online ads are expected to contribute 4.6 billion marks or 6.4 percent.

Separately, the UK's Media Monitoring Services Ltd. reported that advertisers in European IT publications spent more than $366 million to place more than 68,000 pages of advertising during the first quarter of 1999. This reflected increases of three percent in actual advertising pages and 12 percent in revenue compared to the same quarter of 1998.