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eCom eCom Launches Scratch Game, Starts Ads on Lycos

eCom eCom.com Inc. began an ad campaign on Lycos and launched a national syndicated prize game for eCom eCom Trading Club members.

The "Easy Money" game is available on the eCom site and offers 350,000 prizes with instant cash bonus prizes of $50,000, $100,000 and $500,000.

"In addition to adding several unique and exciting formats, including standard, absolute and local auctions, swap and classified, to buy and sell merchandise over the Internet, eCom eCom Trading Club members can try to win instant cash prizes," said CEO David J. Panaia.

The eCom eCom Trading Club charges a $36 annual seller fee for an unlimited number of items for sale through the auction site. And the annual seller fee has been waived until Nov. 1.

Spending details of the Lycos campaign were not disclosed.