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Webshots Captures Top Banner Honors

The most clicked-upon banner for the week ending Aug. 1 was Webshots' ad, which had a 9.5 percent CTR, according to Nielsen//NetRatings.

Webshots offers free electronic photos for desktop wallpaper.

Top banners, ranked according to reach percent, were:

  1. Uproar -- Where does Homer Simpson Work? Bar, Bank, Nuclear Plant, Sewer
  2. Bonzi Software -- Speed Up Internet Connection
  3. ImproveNet -- Use our free matching service to find a contractor.
  4. eBay -- (Picture of a tuba, wrench and football)
  5. Launch -- Watch today's hottest MUSIC VIDEOS!
  6. Kingston/Gateway -- Kingston and Gateway have teamed to bring you a workhorse for your workgroup.
  7. Lowestfare -- 35% off major airlines fares. 7 world cities. Thru Aug. 4, 1999
  8. ImproveNet -- Air Conditioning on the fritz? We can help. ImproveNet. Click here.
  9. GetSmart -- Find: A Loan for Me. Refinancing, Second Mortgage, Debt Consolidation
  10. Lowestfare -- 35% off major airline's fares to 7 cities.

Ad banners that run predominantly on an advertiser's own property or house ads are not included in the measurement.

Top advertisers, ranked by banner impressions, for the week ending Aug. 1 were:

AdvertiserImpressions in millionsReach %
1. TRUSTe216.212.2
2. Microsoft98.321.3
3. Amazon81.125.2
4. Next Card40.417.2
5. CDNOW39.315
6. Ad Council307.3
7. LinkExchange28.76.7
8. ImproveNet2411.7
9. E*TRADE23.23.4
10.America Online22.311.9

Impressions reported do include house ads. The Nielsen//NetRatings audience information service collects data from approximately 15,000 panelists as they surf the Web at home.