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Comet Systems Launches Cursor Portal

Cursor technology company Comet Systems launched CometZone, a site that provides Web users with free tools to transform the "arrow" cursor on their Web sites into any custom image found in the CometZone content library.

CometZone is powered by the Comet Cursor, a patent-pending technology that allows a Web developer to substitute an image or animation for the standard cursor on a Web site.

CometZone has an initial library of more than 300 cursor images. Founding content partners on CometZone include Comedy Central (which is delivering South Park cursors), United Media (Dilbert and Peanuts), Universal Press Syndicate (Garfield, Doonesbury and Foxtrot), and MixxOnline (Rayearth and Sailor Moon anime characters).

At the same time, online community network FortuneCity said it plans a co-branded version of CometZone to be added to its Web builder area. FortuneCity will be the official free home page provider at CometZone.

"CometZone will take personal Web publishing to a new level," said CometZone's general manager, Adam Solomon. "There is an explosion in personal Web site development going on and we are confident that budding Web designers will use CometZone to integrate compelling, interactive content into their sites."

The custom cursors provided on CometZone are delivered from CometZone's secure servers and cannot be manipulated.

"CometZone helps us to extend the distribution of our content to millions of South Park fans," said Larry Lieberman, vice president of business development at Comedy Central. "This is a great way for us to promote our properties through online communities."

Other CometZone content sponsors include: Tucows,, Virtual Jerusalem,, and The Vermont Teddy Bear Company.