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WelcomeTo Offers Coupon-Enabled Banner Ads

E-commerce portal WelcomeTo Search Engine Inc. launched Xpress Coupons, a system for coupon-enabling banner ads.

The system allows any Web banner ad to be transformed into an e-commerce-enabled coupon linked to a vendor's e-commerce site, the company said.

For online shoppers, there is no need to print the coupon and present it in a brick and mortar store. The entire Xpress Coupons process is conducted online "as e-commerce was intended," the company said.

WelcomeTo Search Engine also markets products that enable small businesses to deploy e-commerce storefronts or catalogs.

"Xpress Coupons are designed to satisfy the needs of both the advertiser and the consumer," said Phil Dubois, WelcomeTo Search president. "Couponing is one way of adding value to banner advertising, and consumers are increasingly taking advantage of online coupons. We believe interactive coupon-enabled banners will be extremely compelling to consumers because they can easily and quickly click through to a vendor's e-commerce site to make a purchase."

As soon as users click onto an Xpress Coupons Banner, they automatically launch their personal Xpress Coupons Book. From their Xpress Coupons Book, users can click onto a coupon, which automatically links them to the vendor's site and automatically discounts the price of the product being purchased.

Online customers have the option of using the Xpress Coupon immediately or storing it for future use in their Xpress Coupons Book. Users can enter their Xpress Coupons Book two ways - through an Xpress Coupons Banner Ad or through the Xpress Coupons Web site, where they can view and clip other available coupons.