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AdCast Teams With AboveNet, VIDS Technologies

AboveNet Communications and VIDS Technologies said they have teamed up to provide online advertising company AdCast the means to increase its Web advertising capacity.

AdCast is a creator of graphics-rich "billboard" Web advertisements, or fixed-position ads that are permanent fixtures on a Web site.

The AdCast system provides non-scrollable e-BillBoard ads incorporating motion and other features in increments ranging from 15 to 90 seconds. AdCast technology is used in conjunction with the TrueManagement system, which controls the number of times an advertisement is displayed to an individual viewer. Banner ads, which are embedded into Web pages, "scroll away" as viewers browse through the site. AdCast's e-BillBoards remain a fixture on a Web site.

AboveNet is providing AdCast with a reliable, high-bandwidth network for broadcasting graphically rich Internet ads. VIDS Technologies is supplying Web servers and "fail-safe" software and network management solutions. Financial arrangements were not disclosed.

AdCast's servers will be co-located in the VIDS Web Center within AboveNet's San Jose Internet Service Exchange (ISX).