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Pop Secret Scores Highest Click-Through for the Week

The most clicked-on ad banner for the week ending Aug. 8 was Betty Crocker's Pop Secret ad with a 10.2 percent CTR, according to measurement firm Nielsen//NetRatings.

It marks one of the few times a traditional consumer company has captured the highest click rate, the firm said. Other consumer companies that have scored the No. 1 click rate have included Capital One, Jack Daniel's and Victoria's Secret.

The Pop Secret ad, featuring a sweepstakes for a trip to the Pop Secret Microwave Popcorn 400 auto race, captured a 10.2% click rate. It appeared on SuperMarkets Online's ValuPage Web site.

Top advertisers for the week, ranked by banner impressions, were:

AdvertiserImpressions in millionsReach %
1. TRUSTe297.712.9
2. Microsoft126.526.4
3. Amazon81.525
4. uBid4112.4
5. CDNOW39.215.7
6. Ad Council35.77.8
7. America Online33.915.1
8. Yahoo!33.717
9. Wingspan Bank29.515.1
10. About.com26.19.8