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Jones Naughton Expands GoOn-line Ad Campaign

Jones Naughton Entertainment Inc. announced the expansion of an extended marketing campaign for its new e-commerce Web site ShopGoOnline.com.

Newspaper display ads are being placed in the Boston Globe, San Francisco Examiner, Chicago Times, New York Times, Miami Herald, San Diego Union Tribune, Los Angeles Times and Dallas Morning News.

Following the display ads, GoOn-line will deliver a targeted investor promotional piece via direct mail to selected demographic sections of these Internet markets. Additionally, an Internet advertisement is set to run on Yahoo! concurrent with the newspaper display ads and direct mail. Spending was not disclosed.

These new branding campaigns will continue to be supported by previously announced agreements with DoubleClick and Website Results designed to direct traffic to ShopGoOn-line.

"We are planning a number of additional promotions that will be announced as soon as they are completed," said Jeffrey F. Reynolds, vice president and director of marketing for Jones Naughton Entertainment

Jones Naughton will use DoubleClick's DART ad serving technology as the back-office system for selling additional display advertising on its Internet kiosks in hotel lobbies as well as on the ShopGoOnline.com site.

Jones Naughton's subsidiary, GoOn-line.com, specializes in the production of streaming video infomercials over the Internet. GoOn-line.com has just launched ShopGoOnline.com, a virtual shopping mall Web site featuring a variety of products, some of which have traditionally only been available from infomercial companies advertising on broadcast television.